World Space Week

Pupils at St Giles’ C of E Primary School became near-space adventurers after a successful test launch of a weather balloon at their school last term. Working with Gary and Ed from Schools in Space the ‘classtronauts’ were on a mission to launch a video camera into near-space to capture views of the UK from 34,000 meters. The key stage 2 aligned program enabled pupils to define their mission, explore the physics behind buoyancy and balloons, calculate payload and gas requirements and research the geography of the UK to ensure a successful launch and recovery. Every week, the pupils asked ‘When are the ‘spacemen’ coming?’ The innovative program has helped to inspire a new generation of scientists and maybe the next Tim Peake will come from St Giles School!

The young mission-controllers found out whether their efforts proved successful as the project leaders, Gary and Ed, returned to the classroom with footage of the balloons release and ascent skywards capturing the British Isles and the majesty of space.
Schools in Space are taking on new schools for their amazing 6-week project with a night time launch. Any schools interested in participating in this stellar adventure should contact them on