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The overall aim for languages is that pupils develop a deep interest in and appreciation for other cultures, as they learn to understand and express themselves with increasing confidence in French. In our organisation of the languages curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities, we envisage pupils developing their sense of belonging to the wider world and embarking on a journey towards a wealth of opportunities in their future lives. Pupils will develop specific knowledge of one language, French, learning words and structures that enable them to ask and answer questions, listen to, read and understand stories, songs, poems and other short texts, and to write from memory about themselves. At the same time, they will develop language learning skills and strategies that will equip them for the learning of additional languages.

To enable this we are using resources from ‘Cave languages’ which give a balanced and clear progression in the children’s language development. You can see our two year rolling programme here:

French Mixed-Age SOW Overview for parents and school websites