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Curriculum Overview

In this section you will be able to see our curriculum offer for the children. Everything we do is based upon what is best for our children at St. Giles’. We aim to provide an enjoyable and stimulating learning environment that enables children to learn and progress to the best of their ability. Most importantly, staff at St. Giles’ try to make learning challenging but fun. Please click on the tabs to find out about specific areas of study. Below you can also find links to our two year rolling programmes for each class which gives an outline of all the subject areas taught and at what stage in the term.


Reporting Progress

We believe that children learn best when we have a strong partnership with our parents. We try to have an open dialogue with our parents so that they know what their children’s strengths are and areas for development. At St Giles’ we praise effort over ability, and understand that hard work creates a pathway to success. We have recently changed how we report to parents over the year. Parent consultation meetings are held in the Autumn and Spring term, so that teachers and parents can meet face to face. In order to keep parents informed of their children’s progress, we now provide a numerical interim report at the end of the Autumn term. This academic year formal written reports will go out at the end of the Spring term, providing parents with steps to support their children’s learning that can be acted upon quickly. A shorter final report then follows at the end of the Summer term.

Opportunities to discuss questions or concerns regarding your child are available throughout the year. These meetings however, can sometimes involve more than one member of staff, i.e. the SENCo (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) and/or the Headteacher, and will be arranged at a convenient time for all concerned.