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Tess the Dog!

My name is Tess, I’m a four-year-old Irish Red and White Setter.

This term, I am helping our new Reception children to settle in. They come to hear stories read by their Year 6 buddies.

All this reading is exhausting!

Wow! I’m loving the winter weather…my ball slides across the frozen puddles….strange, but fun!

Recently, I’ve been helping a friend because someone close to her died and she needed someone to talk to,  it seems a chat and a cuddle work wonders when someone is a bit down in the dumps.

I love the books the children read, some stories are really exciting and make my tail wag, sometimes I find them very soothing and they send me to sleep, I’m sure someone giggled last time I started snoring! I love going outside at lunchtime, I get so much love and attention and a chance to have a good sniff around the field and go looking for bugs in our wildlife area.

I’m in school some afternoons, always ready to listen or have a cuddle and when I’m tired, I sleep in the school office.