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Tess the Dog!

 My name is Tess, I’m a three-year-old Irish Red and White Setter. I’ve just started working here. As you can see, I’ve settled in quite quickly and have already been included in dressing up sessions, heard children read and been a shoulder to lean on when my friends have been sad. I like making them happy, it seems a chat and stroke work wonders when someone is a bit down in the dumps. I love the books the children read, some stories are really exciting and make my tail wag, sometimes I find them very soothing and they send me to sleep, I’m sure someone giggled last time I started snoring! I love going outside at lunchtime, I get so much love and attention and a chance to have a good sniff around the field and go looking for bugs in our wildlife area.

I’m in school most afternoons, always ready to listen or have a cuddle and when I’m tired, I sleep in the school office.

I was hoping to go to Mersea Island in June with Cecil Class, but my mum says she’ll miss me too much. Blanche and St Alban Classes wanted to take me to Paradise Wildlife Park last week, but mum spoiled my fun again, because she thought I’d want to move in with the Meerkats! Maybe she’ll let me have a go on the bouncy castle at our school fayre on the 7th July…I’ll keep you posted!