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School Council

Our school council is organised in a way that gives all our children the opportunity to be involved in the decisions made at St Giles’. The children are arranged into five vertical groups (each having children from year 1 to 6) and the meetings are chaired and minuted by Year 6 children. The staff identified the first agenda, with suggestions about the development of the school, and the Year 6 chairs led the meeting to enable all pupils to discuss changes that will affect them, giving them a genuine voice about what happens at our school.

The Year 6 children then meet with Mrs Jones and feed the outcomes of the meetings back to him. Future agendas are then based on the ‘any other business’ section of the agenda. We believe this gives all children the chance to have their voices heard, whilst giving our Year 6 children important responsibilities. We truly hope that this will enable all pupils to really engage with making St Giles’ the best school we can be.