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The Governors are representative of the Church and various local groups and they influence the character, policies and general administration of the school. They are elected for a period of four years or for their term of office (ex-officio) and meet regularly to debate all aspects of school life.

There are two committees;

  • Teaching and Learning which deals with the Curriculum
  • Resources which deals with Finance, Premises, Pay and Personnel

Current Governors

Governor Category First Appointed/
Term of Office
Relevant Interests
FGB Attendance 2018-19
Mr Keith Smithard Head Teacher 01/09/2015 –
  • Teaching & Learning (3/3)
  • Resources (3/3)
Mrs Nicola Thrussell (Chair) Foundation Diocese Board of Education 6th May 2014

04/10/2017 – 03/10/2021

  • Teaching & Learning (3/3)
  • Resources (Chair) (3/3)
Two children at the school 3/3
Miss Linda Bailey Foundation Diocese Board of Education 01/02/2017 – 31/01/2021 Health and Safety

  • Resources (3/3)
Vacancy LA Governor
Vacancy Foundation ex-officio Priest in Charge
Mr John Schmitz Foundation (PCC) 18/06/2018 – 17/06/2022
  • Resources (2/3)
Mrs Anna Garcia Foundation (PCC) 14/11/2018 – 13/11/2022
  • Teaching & Learning (1/2)
Vacancy Foundation (PCC)
Vacancy Foundation (PCC)
Mrs Amy Lutton Parent Governor 12/11/2015 – 11/09/2019
  • Resources (3/3)
1 child at the school 2/3
Mr Marcus Starling Parent Governor 31/01/2018 – 30/01/2022
  • Teaching & Learning (Chair) (3/3)
3 children at the school 2/3
Mrs Natalie Dowdall Associate Member 18/10/2017 – Deputy Head

  • Teaching & Learning (3/3)
Mrs Rosie Willett Associate Member 29th May 2013

29/05/2013 – 28/05/2017

School Business Manager

  • Resources (3/3)
Husband (Simon Willett Ltd) maintains & services heating system, and undertakes some plumbing work on an adhoc basis. N/A
  • Teacher governors are appointed from staff at the school
  • Parent governors are elected by and from parents and carers of pupils at the school
  • LA governors are appointed from a list maintained by the local education authority
  • Community governors are co-opted by the governing body

Governor Biographies

Mr Keith Smithard


Having taught in schools in Hertfordshire, and abroad, I am delighted to be the Head at St. Giles’. My background as a teacher and leader in schools has given me first hand experience of developing teaching and learning within schools. I am enjoying the opportunity of working in a small school and supporting the Governing Body in their role.

Mrs Nicola Thrussell


I have two children who both attend St. Giles’. My daughter joined the school in September 2013 and my son in September 2015. Before having children, I worked as a Finance and Operations Section Manager for Marks and Spencer, much of which involved tight budget control – the biggest being my store’s staffing budget. I also gained a wealth of experience in Disciplinaries, Performance and People Management.

I worked for Marks and Spencer for ten years but chose not to return to retail following the birth of my children. I currently work part-time as a Church Administrator in a busy Potters Bar Church, where I am also a member of the congregation. I am deeply committed and dedicated to supporting the school and all those involved with it – staff, parents and children, and feel extremely privileged to be part of the Governing Body.

Miss Linda Bailey


Having been raised in Kettering, Northamptonshire, I moved to London in 1976 to join the Metropolitan Police.  I served as a police officer until 2003 and then as an office manager until 2007. I moved to Potters Bar in 1988 and worshipped at St Giles’ Church where I was married in 1989. I joined the Governing Body of St Giles’ School in 2000 and became the training governor where I stayed until the vicar, Rev. Alan Harding, asked me to become Churchwarden in 2004. I could not hold down both positions and stepped down as Governor. I remained Churchwarden until December 2007, then in July 2008, I was asked to return to St Giles’ Full Governing Body where I became the Health and Safety Governor. I have held the positions of Chair and Vice Chair during the last four years, and I enjoy being part of the school governing body, helping out in school whenever I can and getting to know the staff, children and their parents.  Over the years, it has been an honour to see the children develop and grow into responsible young adults.

Mrs Rosie Willett


I began working at St Giles’ in 2003 as a qualified Teaching Assistant and moved to a secretarial position in the school office in November 2004, gaining my Certificate in School Business Management in February 2009. I thoroughly enjoy my role as SBM – the variety of tasks and challenges undertaken ensures that no two days are ever the same! My daughter attended this school from 2002 to 2009 and I hope all the children that come to this school enjoy their time here as much as she did.

Mrs Amy Lutton

I was born and raised locally, having attended Foulds JMI Primary School in Barnet, followed by Dame Alice Owens Secondary School in Potters Bar. For the past 12 years, I have worked as an Executive Assistant in an investment company in Mayfair. Following the birth of my children, I now work part time and spend the majority of my time enjoying being a Mum. My daughter is currently at St Giles’ and I have a son who will, hopefully, also attend the school. I consider it to be important that my children attend a local school and I am delighted to have been elected as a parent governor, which will give me the opportunity to support St Giles in continuing to achieve the high standards and recognition it deserves.

Mr Marcus Starling

I have four children, three at St. Giles’ and one who has recently gone on to secondary school. I have a degree in Archaeology & Anthropology and work as a civil servant, having spent some time at the Department for Education before my current role. I have previously worked at a charity for the blind and I taught English in Japan for two years. I am also a trustee of ‘A Partner in Education’ which is a charity supporting schools in Rwanda. I am very pleased to be a parent governor and to support the school in its ambitions for our children.

Mr John Schmitz

After many years in industry, mainly in computing, I joined the Education Authority in Barnet and took on the role of ICT Strategy Manager for 120 schools, which I did for 11 years. Following this, I worked for the London Grid for Learning, project managing the delivery of broadband internet into 2,500 London schools, and then across England, until my retirement in 2018. I am married to a retired primary school headteacher and have two children, one of whom is also a primary school teacher. I am a member of the PCC at King Charles the Martyr church and a regular attendee at services. My leisure interests include Rugby Union, and I have been a season ticket holder at Saracens for over 15 years. I hope I can help St Giles’ school to achieve the best outcomes for all its pupils and staff.

Mrs Anna Garcia

I have worked in Education for 25 years. In the past I have been Head of Department at a Further Education College, I have experience of teaching and supporting students, managing teaching and support staff and liaising with parents.  I understand the constant pressures that come with the job of being in charge of a department and working towards educational targets, preparing for Ofsted and operating within a budget.  In my current role I work with Pre-School Children who have a Special Education Need. My role includes delivering teaching sessions in the home, supporting parents and giving them strategies to help their child. If the child attends an Early Years Setting, I will advise the setting and supporting them with SEN and inclusion strategies. We moved to South Mimms 5 years ago and my son was lucky enough to be given a place at St Giles’. He has now moved on to secondary school. During his time at St Giles’, I was extremely happy with the holistic approach the school had with being focused not only with academic achievement but also fostering the child’s spiritual, moral and physical development. It also gave him a sense of community and belonging, which is one of the special things about the school, making the children feel like they belong and are welcomed. I am very pleased to have this opportunity to be a School Governor and would like to support the school in ensuring that all the children who attend the school go on to reach their full potential.


What do governors do?

Governors have three main roles:

  1. Stategic role:  Governors are involved in the school development and improvement planning process, allocating resources and in considering the direction, aims and values of the school governors. The governing body’s focus is on raising the achievement of all pupils. Governors help to set and regularly review all school policies (e.g. homework, special educational needs) and seek to ensure that the school meets its targets.
  2. Critical friend:  Governors monitor and evaluate progress in the school.
  3. Accountability:  The governing body must account to the whole school community for the performance of the school, the educational standards it achieves and the quality of education it provides.

The governing body meets at least once a term. Minutes of these meetings are available from the school office.

To contact our governors by email, please us this address –

For further information, please go to