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Class Organisation

As a primary school, St. Giles’ caters for seven years of schooling, from the ages of four to eleven years. The Reception class is the final year of the Foundation Stage and can take 15 children. Class 2 consists of Years 1 and 2 (Key Stage 1), and has a maximum number of 30. Key Stage 2, are grouped as Years 3 and 4 in Class 3 and years 5 and 6 in Class 4. Our maximum class number in KS2 is 30, with Learning Mentors helping in class and supporting children who need extra support.

Children enter Reception in the September of the year preceding their fifth birthday. They are part-time initially until ready to stay for the full day, usually after a couple of weeks depending on how they settle.

Within each class a variety of methods for teaching and learning are undertaken. These will include whole class, group and individual activities. Teachers may group children for some activities by ability and work will be differentiated according to the ability of individual children.