Soap Box Challenge

Building Soap Box Carts Year 5 and 6

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit in a soap box at the top of the large slope waiting to push off? Have you ever dreamed about speeding down a hill, wind rushing through your hair, elated but slightly worried all at the same time? Well, Class 4 at St Giles’ asked those questions and more after reading how a boy and his father spent time together making a soap box in Roald Dahl’s book, Danny Champion of the World.

In the Autumn term 2016, Class 4 designed, built and raced their own soap box carts as part of their Art and DT work. This culminated in an exciting time trial race shortly before Christmas, with the winners being awarded the coveted solid gold (ish) trophy.

The Class would like to thank Shaun from Barnet Rugby Club who kindly brought in his own Red Bull Soap Box Race entry to school. He shared with us the process and time it took to build it as well as his experiences in the race, eventually coming third. We would also like to thank the parents who took the time to come in and help build the carts with us – without your help this couldn’t have happened and wouldn’t have been such a success!