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Other Subjects

Religious Education

The school follows the Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education which encompasses a range of world religions; visits to and visits from other places of worship are included, allowing our children to experience other religions, cultures and beliefs.

Collective Worship

There is a daily act of worship, which is Christian in character, led by the staff and children. Children attend the church on a regular basis and the Vicar leads Collective Worship in the church fortnightly with the school community. If parents wish to withdraw their children from assembly or acts of worship, they may contact the Headteacher.

Design & Technology

Much of the Design and Technology work is linked to cross curricular activities. However we do have two Design Technology days each year per class, where the timetable is dedicated to such work. Children will be encouraged to ask questions and seek solutions by creating their own designs or by using constructional apparatus.


Computing comes into all areas of the curriculum and the school is fortunate in having a range of IT equipment including and ICT Suite with sixteen computers. In each class children have access to: laptops, ipads, digital cameras, be-bots, roamers, recording equipment etc. for whole class computing lessons. Pupils are encouraged from Reception onwards to develop excellent computer skills that provide them with a tool for learning. The school has an ongoing policy of purchasing and updating computers, ipads, software, digital cameras, audio/visual equipment etc.


Much of the work in History is taught in topics, planned on a two year rolling programme. As children progress through the school, there is every opportunity for them to look at history in a broad sense. Guest speakers and trips are considered very important to ensure that study is very much a ‘first-hand experience’.


Similarly, Geography is taught in class topics. An understanding of the local geography, map skills and the development of Britain and the EEC, coupled with the study of non-EEC countries are covered. In Class 4, as part of comparative geography, the children have a residential journey to the Isle of Wight enabling them to compare their local area with a coastal area.


Music is a foundation subject and is taught to all children. In the early years the emphasis is on singing, rhythm and simple percussion instruments. These skills are developed as they move through the school by a Music Specialist. Pupils also have the opportunity to learn an instrument with peripatetic teachers who visit the school weekly. Guitar and piano lessons are offered to pupils of all ages and abilities.

Art & Design

Art is a foundation subject and is taught throughout the school. The school places considerable emphasis upon presenting children’s work in an exciting and stimulating way. Children learn to explore themes through a range of media, to observe carefully, and are taught appropriate techniques to enable them to express themselves enthusiastically. Visits to galleries and art workshops are encouraged to inspire children. Our children’s work is displayed at the Art Exhibition at Potters Bar Carnival annually. A weekly Art Club is also run weekly for children of all ages.

Physical Education

The school offers a wide variety of outdoor games, such as football, rugby, netball, hockey, tennis, rounders and cricket. All children have access to two hours of PE activities a week. The children from Year 1 to Year 6 use the Furzefield Leisure Centre termly once a year for swimming. A football club is available for all children both boys and girls to join at lunchtime and other after school clubs are offered including: netball, golf, Zumba, and multi sports. In the summer months, the children are involved in a wide variety of summer sports including rounders, cricket and athletics.

Outdoor Education

Pupils in year 4 have the opportunity to go camping at Cuffley Camp/Phasels Wood, which involves an overnight stay. Years 5 and 6 use the facilities offered at a range of Kingswood Education Centres every second year, where they are able to participate in a wide variety of outdoor pursuits. On alternate years, they visit the Isle of Wight. Our staff are all trained in Forest School methods and children across the school learn through a range of activities in the outdoor environment each week. We have a fantastic wildlife area. It is school policy to use our local environment and facilities to the full.

Personal, Social & Health Education (PSHE)

The school has a policy concerning all aspects of health education including drug awareness and sex education. The School Nurse visits the school on a regular basis. Meetings are held throughout the year, to which outside experts are invited to share their knowledge with both parents and staff, such as an Internet Safety Information Evening.

Pupils in years 5 and 6 have a video presentation and the opportunity of discussing bodily changes and development within the context of a caring, Christian framework. Issues are not avoided, but parental support is sought before entering into this area of the curriculum, and parents are invited to see a video and related support material before they are shown to the children.

The school operates a ‘No Smoking’ policy on site and parents and visitors to the school are requested not to smoke when inside the school grounds.